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All-in one cleaning service

List of daily all-in one cleaning services:

1. Dust sweeping  and cleaning of other surface contamination  from water-proof walls, including facing tile.

2. Cleaning of bins with replacement of plastic bags.

3. Vacuum-cleaning of carpet.

4. Washing of hard flooring.

5. Cleaning of socles.

6. Dust sweeping  from window sills.

7. Dust sweeping  and cleaning of open furniture surfaces, accessories, household and office equipment, telephone sets, switches, desk lamps, decoratory items, sockets, picture frames, benches, louvres, heating radiators.

8. Cleaning and polishing of mirrors.

9. Cleaning of doors and door handles surfaces .

10. Washing of entrance doors (if necessary, all two sides).

11. Washing of safe access doors (if necessary outside and inside).

12. Complex cleaning and disinfection of water closets:

•    washing of the floor,
•    cleaning of door blocks and frames,
•    cleaning  of mirrors and glass surfaces,
•    cleaning of toilet bowls, urinals, washing and disinfection of toilet bowl seats (all 2 sides), bins, accessories.
•    washing and disinfection of sinks, dispensers, external parts of bathroom equipment,
•    cleaning and disinfection of bins, replacement of plastic bags
•    filling dispensers with soft soap and paper towels.

All the services are made from Monday till Friday, from 6.30 till 9.00, or according to the schedule discussed with the  Customer. Every last Saturday in a month we do clear-out of the whole office.

Unit Price for 1 unit (in RUR)
Special conditions
Daily all-in one cleaning service
From 75
In a month
2. Clear-out of the whole office
From 30
All at once
3. Cleaning after building and construction works
From 95
All at once
4. Window cleaning
From 20
All at once

Information about additional complex of services, such as a furniture dry-cleaning, cleaning of hard flooring etc. could be provided on request of the Customer. 

For more detailed information about service «All-in one cleaning service» you can consult with our specialists by phone: (495) 508-6838 or send us your request from our web-site.