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Lifting works

The word “takelage” come into Russian from Dutch and consists of two words “takel” - ship rigging and “lage” - bulk or load.

In our modern language the phrase “Lifting works” mean moving, loading-unloading, transportation of awkward loads using special  lifting equipment. By awkward loads are implied safes, cash point machines, training equipment, medical facilities, industrial machinery with weight up to 250-1500 kg.

Our personnel is experienced  in  this sphere, but for transportation of the load over 2 tons we use our partners’ services who have different load lifting equipment: industrial tractors, cranes (with load-carrying capacity from 25 up to 200 tons), manipulators, pallet tracks, compactors, tire jacks and the other equipment. You can order our complex service, including dismantle, transportation, placing, installation and start up works, in this case you conclude with us the contract, and we become in charge for coordination of all works at every stage.

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